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Outer Island Excursions offers whale watching, fishing, and kayak tours as well as private charters from Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA. The resort is a short drive from Birch Bay and Bellingham and is about an hour and half North of Seattle. We offer daily scheduled Whale Watching trips from Semiahmoo from April to October. We also offer Fishing Charters and Private Charters year round and Kayaking tour during the summer.

All trips gather at the adventure desk in the main lobby of Semiahmoo Resort Prior to departure.

Whale Watching from Semiahmoo Resort

We offer daily scheduled Whale Watching Tours from Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine WA near Birch Bay and Bellingham. We head out from April to October in search of Orcas Whales, Gray Whales and Humpback Whales. We spot whales on over 90% of our trips. With the with the best sighting for Orca in June, July and August and September and the best sighting for Gray Whales in April and May. Humpbacks are good in September and October. We also frequently encounter sea lions, seals, porpoise, eagles, otters, and sea birds. Our boats are the fastest whale watching boats leaving from the mainland and we can accomplish more in 3 or four hours than what the big slow boats can do in 6 to 7 hours. We see whales more often than the big boats and once we find the whale we can get closer to them and stay longer. You will get plenty one on one attention from the captain and our trained naturalists because there is never more than 12 people aboard our boats. All our vessel are custom built for whale wildlife viewing, and all have heated cabin and full restrooms. Our boats are also equipped with hydrophones so we can listen to the whales after we find them. The most tours last between 3 to 5 hours. Combination Whale Watch and Fishing Trips are available for your group. Hourly rates apply; see the charter fishing section below or call for details.

Gray Whale Watch Tour
April and May Daily at 1:30 pm in the Semiahmoo Lobby
Bring a coat, a camera, and a snack.
2-3 hours
Adults $80
Youth $50
Children $40

Orca Whale and Porpoise Watch Tour
May thru September 15th
Daily at 1pm in the Semiahmoo Resort Lobby
Bring a coat, a camera, and a snack.
3-5 hours
Adults $109
Youth $89
Children $69

Orca and Humpback Whale Watch Tour
September 15th thru October
Daily at 1pm in the Semiahmoo Resort Lobby
Bring a coat, a camera, and a snack.
3-5 hours
Adults $109
Youth $89
Children $69

Charter Fishing from Semiahmoo Resort

Outer Island Excursions offers salmon and bottom fishing charters throughout the San Juan Islands from Semiahmoo Resort and the Blaine and Bellingham Area We have boats based at the Semiahmoo Resort and in Bellingham. We fish for Salmon, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, Halibut, Cabazon, Flounder, Greenling, and many other species. We also love to go after Dungeness and Red Rock Crab. During the early spring we will drop some pots for pink and spot shrimp. Whale watching can be combined with a fishing trip for ultimate Orcas Island adventure!

Bottom Fishing and Crabbing Trips:

Bottom fishing trips are great for fishermen of any skill level. We frequently take out first time fishermen as young as 4 and 5 years old as well as skilled 60 year old veterans. I highly recommend bottom fishing for a group considering their first fishing experience in the San Juans. Usually everyone catches fish and the techniques are easy to learn. Bottom fishing trips are available year round. Halibut and Ling Cod are open in the spring. Crabbing is from July 15th to September 30th.

We charge by the hour for all of our bottom fishing trips not by the person.

We offer trips for 1 person on up to 40 people.

Bottom Fishing Rates

The 30 ft Triton, Directly From the Semiahmoo Resort (up to 8 fishermen)

  • Four Hours $900
  • Six Hours $1250
  • Eight Hours $1450

The 26 ft Loki, Directly From Gooseberry Pt. in Bellingham (up to 6 fishermen)

  • Four Hours $800
  • Six Hours $1000
  • Eight Hours $1250

The 23 ft Sun Runner from Gooseberry Pt. in Bellingham (up to 4 fishermen)

  • Four Hours $600.00
  • Six Hours $750.00

Salmon Fishing Trips:

We are proud to now offer Salmon charters to those fishermen after that elusive 30 lbs King. We offer roughly 5-6 hour Salmon charters from July to October and December thru April. Blackmouth are the target of out winter fishery and during the summer we can get silver, kings, and silver salmon. Salmon fishing requires a longer run to get to the best fishing locations. Sometimes we head out almost 40 miles to get to the best spots. Salmon fishing is more hit and miss than bottom fishing. The pay off is big but patients is necessary. For that reason it is not recommended for young children or for first time fishermen. During July and August advanced reservations are highly recommended.

Salmon Charter Rates:

  • Salmon charters rates are by the person.
  • Each Person is $240
  • We take up to 6 people per boat.
  • We have two boats available.
  • So we can take groups of up to 12 people.
  • The private boat rate is $1250.

We have a 24 ft and a 30 ft custom cabin cruiser that we use for salmon charters. These boats are fully equipped with downriggers, electronic. Both boats have restrooms.
Combination fishing and whale watching is possible on a private boat charter.


Fishing Season Info:

Call for information on what fish we can keep and what fish we have to release.

For a rough idea:

  • Shrimp and Halibut are open in May.
  • Ling Cod Season is May 1st to June 15th.
  • Salmon Season is July 1st to October 30 and then November 1st to April 30th.
  • Crabbing Season is July 15th to September 30th.

Kayak Tours from Semiahmoo Resort

We offer full day kayak tours of Orcas Island
Get shuttled by power boat to Orcas Island in the San Juans. You will be dropped off at Smuggler’s Villa Resort for a day of paddling. The kayak tour will take you down the North Shore of Orcas Island to Pt. Doughy State Park. Pt. Doughty is only accessible by kayak. Long the way, we frequently encounter seals, porpoise, otters, eagles, and sea birds. When we get to the Pt. we get out of the kayaks to stretch our legs and have a snack or lunch before we head back in. We are kayaking for about 2 ½ to 3 hours on this trip.

Bring a lunch, a water proof coat, and water shoes.
Trips gather in the lobby at 9 AM
$120 for adults
$80 for kids


We also offer full day Kayak Tours of Sucia Island
Get shuttled by power boat to Sucia Island in the San Juans. Due to its large protected bays and the high volume of wildlife Sucia Island is highly regarded as the best kayaking destination in the region. It is amazingly pristine and only accessible by private boat. We are allowed by the State to store kayaks at Sucia Island. We will drop you off at the island with a guide and you will spend the day paddle around the island enjoying its rich wildlife, beautiful stand stone formations, old growth trees and serine sandy beaches.

Half way thru the trip we’ll break for a lunch or snack. 3+ hours of kayaking.
Bring a lunch, a waterproof coat and water shoes.
Trips gather in the lobby at 9 AM
$150 for adults
$100 for kids

Private Charters from Semiahmoo Resort

Private Charters are available from Semiahmoo. On one of our private charters we can fish, whale watch, kayak, tour light houses. We can also pull into Friday or Roche Harbor to have lunch or dinner, we cam even catch Dungeness crab and prepare them for you on a remote island. If you have a special request give us a call we will do our best. We can handle up to 40 people. Groups over 12 require multiple boats. The Cost for a private tour starts at $225 per hour for the first three hours and $180 per hour for additional time!

Outer Island Excursions
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Office (360) 376-3711
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